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Thought Collection Pt.4

If it hurts to comb our hair, maybe it was never meant to be combed, our hair grows in tight spirals ..but somewhere along the line our ancestors with their broken spirits and hearts after centuries of chattel treatment found the greatest relief post enslavement in emulating and assimilating to their oppressor, for years their enslavement had been justified by their appearance in contrast to their oppressor and the belief that they were not human, so, they figured in order to be treated humanely, we better style our dress and customs to look humanely ..but wait, that’s truly fucked up ..Our blood spirals through our veins, plants spiral up from the soil and our hair spirals out from our heads, there’s something to be said when our physical beings mirror the blueprint of life - From curls to “naps,” our bodies are apart of our story, we’d learn a lot if we read them

Nigga did you ever think someone could give you a name that means nothing to you, only for you to later embrace it as if it meant everything to you - &it doesn’t stop there

To say that we are Christians is to say that the Europeans enlightened us, Christianity is a European appropriation of the actual Hebrew scriptures ..I don’t understand how we trust everything our oppressor has forced on us, we have to look outside of the box -

Religion ≠ The Bible, so, read without subjectivity and approach reading with an empty mind, objectively - Think, A Cup of Tea

Subjectivity is me saying, pineapples taste better than apples. Objectivity is me pointing out that pineapples are more juicy than apples. One is opinion the other is fact. With that being said, the fact that our religion, education, entertainment and laws are Eurocentric at best is an objective statement, the least we can do is to begin looking outside of the box we’ve accepted as reality -

The subtle forces of coercion that have resulted from Racism in the form of religion, entertainment as well as the law of the land among other mediums have lured us to sleep and dulled our minds, bodies and spirits ..

Christianity, a mere Hellenization of the original Hebrew scriptures has a savior named Jesus, origin of name Greek. The Messiah is Hebrew His name is Yeshua (Yah’shua)

12 Years a Slave, yet another academy award winning movie when our people play up to our oppressors ideal image of us, enslaved beings

The 13th Amendment, 1865 it became the law of the land, effectively abolishing slavery, except by the penal system meaning you lose not only your civil rights, but your natural born rights once you go to jail. The largest population currently in US jails, our people. Keep the Stand Your Ground Law in mind as well (we now think twice about how we dress or how loud our music is) -

Again, Racism is about POWER, NOT ATTITUDE

It’s shocking when people say racism is dead or that they’ve never experienced racism first hand ..just look at our last names, think about whose history is a core class and whose is an elective, think of the first image to come to mind when you say Jesus, turn on your television, search Google images of American people, look up the “Doll Test”, whose language are we speaking, no we don’t live here, those who live here came here and subjected themselves to these things by choice, we’re no immigrants ..What do you know? Why do you know it? Who does it benefit? - RACISM IS ABOUT POWER, NOT ATTITUDE

… The Push for Integration …

My concern when looking out on the day at hand stems more so from the values of the Civil Rights Movement and their push for integration. The push for integration resulted in a loss of self for the Black community, it is as if somehow the fact that the Black community are no immigrants in this nation was fully overlooked. As if being told that the Black community is too stupid or illiterate because it is difficult for us to adjust to another nations language, culture, dress and mindset was not sign enough that the Black community had been systematically set up to fail since 1865 after we were considered human beings. If the Black community is systematically set up to fail how do we succeed in the system we have been set up to fail in, without losing who we are. In order for the Black community to succeed in the United States we have to first succeed in being the type of Black people the system wants, Oreos. Integration only pushed that thought, we integrated American schools to receive an American education, we integrated into an American religion to worship an American god and we integrated an American society to be accepted as American people, from American dreams to American hairstyles. I would like to be able to wake up one day, with my own last name that reveals my history to me, to wake up to my people being proud and appreciative of who we are. Red lining and the White flight did more in my opinion to remind the Black community that we had to do for ourselves and we did, the Black Power Movement and Hip-Hop were products of that apparent discrimination. Unfortunately, the Black Power Movement was never the intention of White Supremacy nor was the cultural inspiration of Hip-Hop, today the true origins of both have been lost to history. The Black Power Movement was quickly shutdown in about half the time that the Civil Rights Movement was allowed to thrive and Hip-Hop became commercialized and for profit. There is a quote that integration and the Civil Rights Movement reminds me of, “If you teach them that their history began with slavery, everything else will seem like an accomplishment.” Subservience was better than slavery, integration better than subservience, but if enslavement is the seed from which these things grow who is to say it was for the better, we are letting a weed masquerade as a flower. 

"A minority population like the European can not rule on the basis of Truth. They must rule by lies & deception."

- Dr. Amos N. Wilson (via specialnights)

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I need white people to stop pretending consent was possible during slavery.

Stop lying to yourselves that those black cousins are the result of illicit love affairs & grasp that slaves could not say no.

When consent is not an option, when you’re only seen as 3/5ths of a human being & you have no legal standing? You can’t say yes.

I need white America to sit down for a sec. Look into the faces of black Americans with the same last names & figure it the fuck out.

Our ancestors were raped by your ancestors. Regularly. Some of the kids were treated kindly. Most were not. They were sold.

White mistresses punished the slaves for “tempting” master & congratulated themselves on that bloody work. Read the narratives.

Not the cleaned up ones either. Read Incidents in The Life of A Slave Girl & understand that Mammy was a victim, not the one who loved you.

She couldn’t care for her kids, couldn’t choose her husband or their father most of the time. She was a slave.

Millions of people died on the Middle Passage. Millions more died here at the hands of your ancestors. Own that.

Now you want to sing Kumbaya & keep oppressing our communities & erasing our contributions. Spare me the tired bullshit.

Male slaves fared no better. There’s a long history of them being raped, tortured & killed too. That was slavery. Stop romanticizing it.

Our children were fed to alligators as bait (feel free to look that up) died of starvation or exposure & that was slavery too. Yep, we were livestock & you use sickly livestock as bait.

Stop watching Gone With The Wind & fantasizing about beautiful plantations if you can’t accept what happened on those plantations.

House slaves had it better in the sense of access to food & possibly better treatment, but they were still slaves.

14 year old slave girls weren’t falling in love with the men who could beat them & everyone they loved to death.

Read the tales of enslaved women who killed their children to spare them. Read about people beaten to death as an example.

Sally Hemings could have left Jefferson in Paris. Of course her entire family was still in his power. And his “love”? Didn’t free her. Ever.

Go look at the pictures of former slaves backs. Whipped until they bled & left to scar so they were maimed for life & couldn’t run.

Also before you talk about the cleaned up narratives, remember that the people relating their stories knew lynching was always possible.

Records of slavery were deliberately destroyed so that former owners wouldn’t have to pay anyone.

That “peculiar institution” was generations of blood, pain, & terror. That’s what built America. Never forget that.

Now stop talking about anyone’s white ancestors like they deserve the fucking credit for the success of people descended from slaves.

American slavery began in 1619. June 19, 1865 was the last official day of slavery. Do the math on how long it takes to heal that wound.

After slavery was officially over? Black codes & Jim Crow laws followed. America’s history of oppression is longer than that of freedom.

Also before any d*mb motherfuckers land in my mentions. I have a degree in history. I will read you to filth & bury you in sources.

Trust & believe there is no country here for people who want to romanticize a system that is still grinding away at my community.

All this fluffy fucking talk about American history to coddle white kids feelings & engender patriotism? You won’t get it here.

My ancestors built this country, I served this country & I will tell the damned truth about this country. Don’t like it? Fuck you.

Now let me get in my feelings about slavery before Africans were brought here. Because we weren’t the first people enslaved.

We were deliberately sought out for our skill sets & resistance to disease. Know why we were resistant? We’d had contact for years.

All of that “My ancestors never owned slaves so it has nothing to do with me?” Go look at those NDN ancestors again. See how many were free.

While you’re in there checking that out? Look up those old country ancestors & see how many benefited from slavery indirectly.

Also while we’re talking about NDN relatives? Yo, learn a name besides Cherokee. Better yet, learn about the genocidal tactics they faced.

Look up immigrant groups becoming white in America. Find out who had to bleed so they could gain access to white privilege.

Let’s really talk about the Red Summer of 1919 & how it wasn’t an unusual occurrence. Tulsa, Rosewood? They were just famous.

Let’s talk about welfare & who could access it. Hell let’s talk about who is collecting more of it right now.

Let’s talk about the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action (spoiler! White women!) & what it means to attack black people instead.

Shit, let’s get into the Great Depression & the Great Recession & who is hurting the most financially through both.

Let’s talk about conditions on reservations, in the inner city, & the violence faced by POC who try to leave those areas.

Hell, let’s talk about why we don’t see shows that reflect the American population set in the past, present, or future.

Go read Columbus’ diaries & see what “civilization” really meant to the people he encountered.

For that matter go read up on King Leopold & the Congo. I’ll wait while you cry.

That’s the thing about whiteness as a social construct in America. It’s not about white people, it’s about white power over others.

When we’re talking about white privilege? We’re talking about what it takes to shape this society based on oppression.

America is a young country with a lot of power because of genocide, slavery, & continuing oppression. Individuals build institutions.

All of these conversations aren’t about bringing out white guilt, they’re about ending this institution developed over the generations.

Also let’s be clear that America is sick with this ish across the political spectrum. It may manifest differently but it exists everywhere.

Before I go, let me also suggest that people who are curious about anything I tweeted about take a tour through Google with terms.

It’s not that I won’t answer questions, but there are books out there that I think everyone should read on slavery, whiteness, & America.



Karnythia,  laying it down with righteousness on Juneteenth — the truth about slavery and its lingering effects on America.  (via skyliting)

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"When he’s tying a rope around your neck you call for ‘Jesus’, and He calls for ‘Jesus’… only you wonder why the ‘Jesus’ you call on doesn’t answer you." —Malcolm X #WhiteSupremacy #WhiteAmerica #MalcolmX #SlaveReligion #WhiteJesus #StealAway #Lynching #KKK #NeverForget

Because there was no such thing as Jesus, he is a deluded idol created by whites. The man you need to know about the true son of YHWH (God) Yehoshua, SALVATION, YISREAL THE MOTHERLAND AKEBULAN!






I love when brands pay tribute to Africa in various ways. Whether it be clothing, photos, art or just highlighting the different facets of Africa, I’m all for it. One thing that I truly despise is when individuals or in this case, husband & wife duo Andrew and Micha Weir of South…

I do my best not to allow things like this cause my blood to boil…but I know it’s the result of disobedience.

"You will become an object of horror, ridicule, and mockery among all the nations to which YHWH sends you" (Deuteronomy 28:37).


Animated Pawel Kuczynski #2

Original illustration by Pawel Kuczynski



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What We Know, Why We Know It, Who It Benefits

"Speaking like this doesn’t mean that we’re anti white, but it does mean we’re anti-exploitation, we’re anti-degradation, we’re anti-oppression." - Malcolm X 

What do you know? Why do you know it? Who does it benefit?

We know Christianity, we know Christians, we know the Christian Savior and the Christian God, but do we know the Hebrew Israelite? The Hebrew Israelites, the people of the Bible, the people whose history is the Bible. They are a chosen people by God who through them will bless all the nations of the Earth, throughout the Bible they often reject and disobey God and by this disobedience they fall captive to other nations and even worse embrace the cultures, gods and ways of theses nations. Which is why by the time of the Messiah they were under Roman law and had forsaken their God and their set-apart culture as well as language leading to various translations of their Holy Book and other nations trying to assume their identity as Gods chosen people. The Romans Hellenized the Hebrew scriptures and out of it came Christianity, Êvê (pronounced Ivri) Yisraelite was transliterated into Hebrew Israelite, Yeshua (pronounced Yah’shua) the Êvê Messiah was transliterated into Iseous (pronounced Yeezus) the Greek Kristos (Later to be known as Jesus Christ) and Yahweh (pronounced Yahwah) the Êvê El was transliterated into Jehovah the Greek God. These changes were made so that the Êvê scriptures would appeal to a Greek audience, but that doesn’t justify those changes. The Arabs did the same and it bore Islam, as well as the Edomites who are responsible for the religion known as Judaism today.

Why do we know Christianity? Why do we know Christians? Why do we know the Christian Savior and the Christian God? We are a people who were brought into captivity by way of ship to the Americas. We were brought by European people to build an European nation. While in bondage to this nation we were subjected to their language, their culture, their gods and their ways. To refuse Christianity in this nation during our bondage was to ask for death and torment, so, it seems sensible to why our ancestors jumped aboard. Although, their decision was the downfall of our people, the downfall deeper into the European rabbit hole. Generation after generation became melded with these practices of our oppressor until we began to see it as the way things ought to be.

Who does Christianity benefit? Who do Christians benefit? Who do the Christian Savior and Christian God benefit? The blunt answer is that Christianity, its followers and its gods benefit no one. The religion itself is false like all religions. Most religions are the result of various interpretations of the Bible meant to favor the culture of the nation interpreting it, keeping in mind that the Bible speaks to no specific practice, but more than anything talks about a walk of faith, a walk after Yah, a walk with Him that equates to a life lived and everyone lives life a bit differently, so, there couldn’t really ever be a set practice or religion for everyone to fall in line to, the one thing set is the El we serve, the El of the Book, Yahweh. Not even the Buddha called for people to worship him as a god, people made it up in their own minds to reverence him as such.

After we consider what we know, why we know it and who it benefits as far as Christianity is concerned it becomes easy to understand that we know Christianity because of enslavement and it benefits those who enslaved us. Translations of translations are dangerous, although, the central message may not be misconstrued the subtle changes in punctuation and the nonsensical approach of translating names have led many astray. Names contain history and meaning, if that is not obvious look at our last names I am no “Scott” (a person from Scotland), Derrick is as English as it gets, but I nor my ancestors hail from Europe. Yeshua means “Yah saves”, Jesus has no literal meaning and if there is only one name by which we should be saved, why would it be justified to translate/change it. Well, with that being said, sad, but true we lost our heritage and history once we were enslaved and given the names of our oppressor, hell we were lost before our enslavement. We chose to be lost once we began to reject and fall away from our El, Yahweh. The Êvê Yisraelities of the Torah (Bible) are the ancestors of all of us who were scattered abroad and brought into bondage by ship are plight of today has been prophesied throughout the Torah, all nations are to be saved through us, the Messiah came to reconcile our people back to their El, so, that we would wake up to our own enlightenment and be that house on the hill, that light in the dark, the salt of the Earth and reconcile the other nations to the same truth and love of Yahweh, so, that none should perish.

As long as we are dull in mind, body and spirit the souls that we are will never truly live. We have to break out of these invisible bars, we have to free ourselves and knowledge is liberation, to know oneself is to free ones self, truth makes us free, lack of knowledge is our destruction. Love equivocal to I’ll stay, Peace the result of seeing through emotions and beyond logic, allowing the Spirit of Yah to lead us, Truth acknowledging reality and taking the bitter with the sweet, recognizing 1+1=2 within all things these are the abstract concepts our people should embrace, have to embrace in order to reconcile ourselves back to our Creator back to Yahweh. We are not Africans, we are not Christians, black, niggas, bitches, negroes we are the chosen people of Yah, we are Êvê Yisraelities, we do not go natural, we return.

Bible Verse References:

-Psalms 68:4 - Yah’s name mentioned, the letter “J” did not exist before the 15th C

-Acts 4:12 - Only can be saved by one name

-Genesis 12:3 - All nations blessed by Yisrael

-Genesis 42:7 - Yoseph’s (Joseph’s) brothers do not recognize him among the Egyptians because he being Êvê is of the same complexion

-Exodus 1&2 - Mosheh (Moses) is not recognized as Êvê in the House of Pharaoh who had ordered all Êvê male children be killed because his complexion was the same as the Egyptians and he was able to pass as one of them

-Matthew 2:13 - The Messiah as a child is taken to Egypt to hide from Herodes who wants to kill the child, why Egypt because His complexion was as theirs and Him and His family were able to blend in

-Matthew 15:24 - The Messiah sent only to the House of Yisrael

-Deuteronomy 28 - The prophesies of our people

-Amos 3:1-3 - The walk, not the religion between Yahweh and Yisrael as well as the punishment they are to receive for their disobedience 

-Matthew 8:32 - Truth makes us free (Makes not sets)

-Hosea 4:6 - Lack of knowledge is destruction

-Matthew 1:21 - The meaning of the Messiahs name

-Genesis 1 - Revelation 22 - The purpose and history of our people

For a genuine rendition of the Êvê scriptures with proper names and punctuation in place download or buy an ISR98 Bible (Institute of Scriptural Research)

"Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign" .."Time to take it too far now" .."Uh, they don’t see what I’m sayin’" - (I’m In It - Kanye West)

It’s fair to say Kanye hasn’t fell off as far as subject matter, generally in rap songs when a rapper is speaking to a “her” ..they are referring to the “rap industry” or some other “system”

Some say Kanye took it too far by naming his latest album “Yeezus,” but in actuality it was a stroke of genius and if it led you to question what you know, it fulfilled its purpose. “Yeezus” was the original pronunciation of “Iseous” the Greek transliteration of the Ivri (Hebrew) name “Yeshua” pronounced “Yah’shua” …Why do you know what you know and who does it benefit?

Unfortunately, most don’t see what he’s saying -


Watch the exclusive full speech here.


"Speaking like this doesn’t mean that we’re anti-white, but it does mean we’re anti-exploitation, we’re anti-degradation, we’re anti-oppression."
| Malcolm X

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"And since we all came from a woman
Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman
I wonder why we take from our women
Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?
I think it’s time to kill for our women
Time to heal our women, be real to our women
And if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies
That will hate the ladies, that make the babies
And since a man can’t make one
He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one
So will the real men get up
I know you’re fed up ladies, but keep your head up”
- Tupac Shakur